Learn about oneM2M’s organizational structure to see how its standardization efforts are structured under the leadership of corporate and academic representatives from around the world. 


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee has overall responsibility for providing strategic direction and management to oneM2M. It does not take part in technical discussions. All partners and members have the right to attend Steering Committee meetings, but only Partners have the right to vote.

Current Leadership

Chair: Enrico Scarrone, Telecom Italia (ETSI)

Vice Chair: Nick Yamasaki, KDDI Corporation (TTC)

Vice Chair: Omar Elloumi, Nokia (ETSI)

Support Personnel

Secretariat support: Victoria Mitchell (TIA)

Contact the Steering Committee Leadership Team


Technical Plenary

The Technical Plenary has total responsibility for the technical activities and IoT affiliation within our association. It is also responsible for oneM2M’s organization of the technical work. It can autonomously create sub groups. All members and partners can participate in the Technical Plenary and its sub-groups, but Type 1 partners do not have the right to vote.

Current Leadership

TP Chair: Roland Hechwartner, Deutsche Telekom AG / T-Mobile International Austria (ETSI)

TP Vice Chair: Josef Blanz, Qualcomm (TIA)

TP Vice Chair: JaeSeung Song, KETI (TTA)

Support Personnel

Secretariat support: Karen Hughes (ETSI)

Contact the Technical Plenary Leadership Team

Technical Plenary meeting documents


RDM Working Group

oneM2M WG1 is the Requirements and Domain Models (RDM) Working Group of the oneM2M organization.

Current Leadership

Chair: Shane HE, Nokia

Vice Chair: Catalina Mladin, Convida Wireless

Vice Chair: TaeHyun Kim, SyncTechno Inc

Support Personnel

Secretariat Support: Katie BagwIll (ATIS)


SDS Working group

oneM2M WG2 is the System Design and Security (SDS) Working Group  of the oneM2M organization.

Current Leadership

Chair: Dale Seed, Convida Wireless

Vice Chair: SeungMyeong Jeong, KETI

Vice Chair: Peter Niblett, IBM

Vice Chair: Wei Zhou, Datang Telecom

Support Personnel

Secretariat Support: Karen Hughes (ETSI) & Victoria Mitchell (TIA)


TDE Working Group

oneM2M WG3 is the Testing and Developers Ecosystem (TDE) Working Group of the oneM2M organization.

Current Leadership

Chair: Andrew Min-gyu Han, Hansung University

Vice Chair: Mahdi Ben Alaya, Sensinov

Vice Chair: Subhash Gajare, Spirent

Support Personnel

Secretariat Support: Peter Kim (TTA) & Laurent Velez (ETSI)